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Fees & prices are difficult, if not impossible, to accurately quote without first having seen, examined, and evaluated each patient to assess their physical condition, individual treatment needs and mental approach to the treatment needed.  For these reasons, the fees quoted here are in ranges and we cannot guarantee that any category of denture will meet your personal needs:

We understand that fees and prices are important and we have listed our "Internet only" standard fees for our most common services.   You may view these fees by clicking the link below.   Please understand that providing our services is a Human endeavor and with that come variables.   It is important to realize that the fees listed are for standard situations and only published on this website.  Individuals present varying circumstances and any individual may vary depending on their individual requirements.

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What we are stating here is that price, while certainly a major factor, is absolutely not the only consideration necessary to determine which quality denture is correct for any individual patient.


            A denture or partial denture is certainly a commodity, and in that context alone, a fixed price can be established for it as solely a tangible product.   The issue is that you are not simply purchasing a commodity, but you also are paying for a service --- that service is to make sure that the commodity of the denture is properly fitted and suited to a large variance of personal and individual circumstances.  This professional service can vary widely from individual to individual.   Each patient brings to the table a vast array of differing circumstances.   These being both physical & conceptual, as well as the very personal needs of effect, esthetics and function.   Each person perceives their needs and condition differently and everyone needs and deserves special attention to their own unique and individual circumstances and requirements.   In cases requiring dental surgery and extractions, an evaluation is absolutely mandatory as the requirements for each case varies.   Often there are widely differing circumstances mandating significantly differing procedures, process steps and degree of difficulty.   Some cases are relatively routine and easy while others can be quite problematic and involved.   These are the reasons quotes are not made over the telephone or without having first had the opportunity to evaluate and examine each patient and review the unique condition and requirements of each individual.


Dentures can be made in differing qualities depending on the materials used and the process techniques.   The list of accepted dental materials for fabricating dental prosthetics is large, and there are wide ranges from economical to expensive.   Generally, the better the quality, appearance, and durability of the materials, the more costly that product is.  We offer four general qualities of dentures:  1)  Economy; 2)  Standard; 3)  Deluxe; and 4) Customized – the fees established for these categories varies due to two circumstances:

1)                   The quality of the materials used, and

2)                   The number of steps undertaken and the time expended to fabricate the dentures depending on individual requirements and circumstances.


Fabricating dentures for individuals entails more than the just the process of fabricating the denture.  Another factor weighs heavily in establishing the cost of a dental prosthesis.   This highly material, but quite abstract, factor is comprised of the unique and individual requirements for each specific patient.   For patients desiring the best in esthetics and for patients whose physical circumstances (either the condition of their denture bearing ridges) are more demanding, and/or their ability to aid with the process of fitting and aligning the dentures is compromised, the requirement to cater to those special needs can be greatly increased.   These factors can drive the service aspect of the process to higher fees than others whose individual desires and needs are not so demanding.  It is impossible to determine all these individual factors without a comprehensive examination and evaluation session with your dentist.  


If we were to take the position that “one size fits all” we would surely please some patients, but just as certainly, others would be short-changed with attempting to fit them with a fixed price product.   Now, with all this said, it is our policy to provide each patient with the best product for the quality selected and their own individual needs.   Our dentures are competitive with similar operations, and most frequently are less costly than those of other dentists in our area.   It is possible to shop around until you locate the cheapest price for your service, but many times this can lead to disappointment with the end product.  


As denture services are not only a commodity, but also a very individualized service it is not our policy to quote denture prices without first seeing and evaluation the patient.   What we do, however, is make it our policy to either meet or beat the quoted fee for your denture service from any other provider of denture services from the Northeast Florida area.   Frankly, constructing dentures for people is just too personal and individual to be able to effectively just “list prices” as if you are just buying just a piece of plastic that looks like teeth --- this is why we give guidelines and areas of fees for general qualities of dentures, however, it is the issue of varying individual physical and personal requirements that simply just cannot be reduced to merely a product.  Even though a denture is a product, it is also a very, very personal one


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